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    i'm trying to get the achievement on PS4 and going nuts because there is no tracking achievement in the achievement's in your journal after 50 kills and i have no clue how many i've killed can anyone explain this ?.

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    This from Cryptic
    "Keys are currently acquired by purchasing them from the Zen Market, completing certain campaign tasks, or obtaining them from certain non-player characters. Each key can be used to open and claim the rewards from one chest.

    In the Sea of Moving Ice update releasing on the live server on November 8th, there will be a change happening to how these keys work.

    There is currently a bug on the live server whereby a player may view the rewards without using a key. This bug has been fixed. When this fix gets to the live server, opening a chest will consume the key, give the player the rewards, and display those rewards to the player. To ensure that keys are not accidentally used, the user interface in game will alert you to which key would be consumed and ask for confirmation before continuing.

    Since this bug has been live for a long time and we believe that some players may have come to rely on this bug, we are providing advance notice of the change."

    The full post and eruption is here:

    Apparently the long standing feature of being able to see what's in chests before accepting or declining, (and this feature even has it's own pop up window to allow this decision), is not an intended feature at all.

    It is in fact a bug!  - A bug that has been in the game for years.  Operating sneakily in broad daylight, yet under Cryptic's radar - apparently.

    So players who have obtained keys will now have to open these chests 'blind' as it where, trusting to the Cryptic God of rng to receive an item that is not only useful for their class, but also not something they already have.

    This is awesome in it's sheer ridiculousness. A long standing, scripted feature, was actually a bug the whole time.



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    So I thought I drop by here and say hello to you guys and girls and others. My name is Kane and I been playing MMORPG's for well over 15+ Years. Oddly enough I would say NW might be near the top 10? maybe 15 mmorpg's population wise from an educated guess of popularity I hear around the Internet. 

    But oddly enough I have never touched the game. I don't even know much about it.

    So I thought I drop by and ask some questions. Overall I just want to know what you guys and girls think about Netherwinter? I don't just want to hear negatives I like to hear positives too. So for each Negative you must also make a positive observation. 

    Is it Pay 2 Win?

    Is the Subscription all you really need? (monthly sub I assume?)

    How long does it take normally to max out?

    Is there a decent amount of end game content?

    Is there interesting mechanics and grinds? Like one my Fav was EQ2 collections going around collecting sparkles :)

    Just love to hear from you guys and girls and others.

    Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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    Hello all.
    I am attempting to return to Neverwinter however, I just recently discovered that my previous guild has disbanded.
    I'm looking for an active guild to take me in. I'd perfer a casual/semi-hardcore group to join up with. I have a max lvl Paladin and I'm currently working to level up a Hunter-Ranger (which is currently 31)
    I'm not terribly unfamiliar with the systems at play within neverwinter so I won't need much coaching or the such. I stopped playing before The Underdark stuff was release, I do have a bit of catching up in-regards to that.

    If anyone would like drop me an IGN or message below!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 07/24/17--11:02: Player created content
  • i was actually a fan of the player created content when the game released...

    how did it fair over the seasons?
    did the tooling improve?

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  • 02/27/18--11:41: Uninstalled right away
  • The garbage company went from spamming personal loot admin messages in the chat to right up in your face.

    This tells me right away to not ever come back to the true turd this...."D&D" game this game has back.

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  • 03/04/18--12:19: Neverwinter : Reroll
  • So I've been playing Cryptic's Neverwinter, and got to say it's probably the most underrated game for the free pay play realm.
    I was really surprised at how many people are playing this game.

    One of my fears was the zen market. Was I going to have to battle "pay to win", the short answer is no. You can short cut with the zen market but most everything can be obtained with persistent grinding, even Zen through the astral diamond exchange. A lot of the top tier armor and weapons can be grinded out through getting tokens and in game currencies. The zen market really doesn't impact the game at all if one is going strictly free to play. That is a positive and allows me to feel a bit more confident in spending money on character items.

    Another concern was respeccing. I had a free respec from a few years back and used it this year on my 8 year old Control wizard. This wizard has been apart of my Neverwinter joinery when the game first came out. Oddly he was never capped to 70 because I don't even know, such a long time ago.  What was nice, unlike my original Champions character which was deleted, the "High Elf Prince" remained (don't spam me in game or you will get ignored). I respeceed and was like crap, I messed up lol, so they have a new thing or new to me thing that allows you have 1 additional character spec, so now you can choose both paths on one toon. This is really cool and it allows players a chance to either fix a bad spec or play the other roll.  I forget the order, but I think I did the other spec first and was like, "I messed up", popped the respec and was able to redo both specs, happy face.

    Another cool thing and I think it is a fair thing, you can buy one respec token per character using another form currency I got from completing campaigns. There is a cool features that after you complete a map area, I got to claim additional rewards that allowed me to purchase a respec token from npc located in the left door of the castle in Protectors Enclave.

    There is so much to write but trying to keep it short... Mounts are abundant and can be bought on the auction house, much like Champion's Online, Cryptic throws the kitchen sink in when it comes to character looks, mounts and companions. They've add so much "stuff" into Neverwinter it really is amazing.

    Leveling, woah was it fast. I may have gotten a break being on a double xp weekend but I rolled a Warlock and it took 3 days to get to 70 using the standard quest campaigns and also spamming dailies.  The main leveler was the illusionists Gambit, that seems to level the fastest and gave a decent amount of rough astral diamonds.

    Warlock with hi warlock companion.

    Like I said there is to much to list, the improvements of this game are ten fold, and I have dubbed it the "the most underrated mmo of our time" .  For what it does, it does well. It's free to play model is great, it is on par in being one of the best f2p models out there. Never felt content locked  or gear deprived. For me, I like the smaller skill set, it really makes me think more about what powers I'm  going to use, making sure the powers chosen have good synergy and making the most of the rotation.

    The last thing, I've read " pew pew the arch install is crap pew pew kaw kaw" // I've been using it for the last year, it works fine. Unlike Glyph which antivirus pops up as a virus, Arch is clean and  isn't impacting at all on system resources. It's simply straight to the point interface that allows me to login into Champions, STO, and Neverwinter with one login screen.

    Like I said previously there is a batch of new systems that I've just don't got the will power to cover, my final score is 8/10 . One of those games that flies under the radar but has a ton of great content and story, o man the stories... another day :) .. 

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    Yesterday's patch increased mob health by 50% while reducing mob damage by 25%.  Now all classes play too much like a pre-module 6 guardian fighter.  Combat is too slow, and that makes it boring.

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